On Parade

On Saturday June 25th the wranglers from Monument Ranch were delighted to take part in Tombstone’s parade to honour the Buffalo Soldiers who helped to tame the ‘Old West’ during the territorial period of Arizona.
The Buffalo Soldiers were the first African American soldiers to arrive in Arizona at Fort Huachuca in the l890’s; they formed […]

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Thar’s gold in them thar hills!

Did you know that Arizona has more gemstones than any other state? Turquoise and Peacock can be found in the Tombstone area. If you’ve been to any of the local stores you will see some of the beautiful  jewellery crafted with great skill.
Tombstone, of course, was built on silver, literally! – High grade (red) silver […]

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What’s In a name?

Guests often ask us to explain the history behind the monument from which the ranch takes its name. It is a memorial to the prospector, Ed Schieffelin whose determination and bravery against Apache attacks led to the original discovery of silver in the Tombstone area.

Schieffelin’s Monument


When Schieffelin’s friend, Al Sieber, learned […]

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