As well as our varied riding program Tombstone Monument Ranch offers hiking in and around the surrounding hills and desert washes.

Discover the ruins of “Watervale” the original Tombstone settlement. Located on the Ranch near the Schieffelin Monumnent where Ed Schieffelin hid from the Apaches that were trying to find him. Watervale was the only place in the area where above ground water could be found and where the first prospectors and miners settled after silver had been discovered.
Visit abandoned mines and prospectors monuments, just a small taste of the history that surrounds the ranch. At the end of the 1800s Tombstone was a flourishing silver mining town and the hills where Tombstone Monument Ranch is situated are covered with old mines and mining claims with discarded tools and mining equipment.
Or take a casual stroll up to schieffelin’s monument located just up the road from the ranch.

Shooting (with instructor)
For anyone who has ever wanted to Shoot old style guns that the cowboys carried Instruction given – (extra charge)
Archery (with instructor)
We’ve got bows and we’ve got arrows and we can teach you and your family how to shoot like an apache. Instruction given.

Roping lessons (on the ground)
Learn how to swing a lasso like the cowboys and rope a steer. Its tricky but its fun. Our wranglers are happy to help you and your family discover hidden talent or at least a new hobby/
The western game used by cowboys out on the range to pass the time away, fun for all the family.

Evening entertainment
At Tombstone monument ranch every evening is western. Everyone is welcome to participate or to just sit back and watch.

Evening Entertainment – sample schedule
Monday = learn 5 card draw with wyatt earp
Tuesday = learn Texas Holdem with Arizona bill
Wednesday = live music in the trappmann saloon
Thursday = learn faro with grumpy – the old west card game once played in all the saloons in tombstone
Friday = live music in the trappmann saloon
Saturday = live music in the trappmann saloon
Sunday = live music in the trappmann saloon