Fall Roundup Week at Tombstone Monument Ranch/47 Ranch

September 28-October 3, 2019

We offer another opportunity to take part in an authentic cattle roundup, in a unique setting, where historic and modern methods of ranching combine to make this a once in a lifetime experience.

Join Dennis and Deb Moroney on the historic 47 Ranch just 25 minutes from Tombstone Monument Ranch.


The 47 Ranch is beautifully located in classic Southern Arizona grassland and extends all the way into alpine country in the Mule Mountains.  The Moroneys have protected their private land through conservation easements ensuring this part of Arizona will remain despite its beauty, a ranch in perpetuity.

This ranch is the perfect blend of old and new.  The Moroneys are among the first in the United States to breed Criollo Cattle; the cattle that Columbus brought to the New World on his second voyage.  The cattle then remained isolated in the Copper Canyon area of Mexico where the Tarahumara Indians used them as oxen, for meat and milk.  Genetic testing has shown that this herd remained pure Spanish cattle.  This breed has several unique and important characteristics that includes, disease and predator resistance, ability to thrive on scarce forage, natural and easy birthing, healthy fat and surprisingly tender beef right off the range (No unhealthy feed lots needed).    The 47 ranch uses cutting edge technology and doctoral students to study the grazing patterns, feed and the results then found in the 100% natural beef they produce.  Still all the cattle work is done the old way, quietly, calmly, and slowly. All intended to keep cattle stress to a minimum and growth maximized.  The 47 Ranch is also completely sustainable; off the grid, totally depending on solar and wind power.  The Moroneys also raise Churro Sheep; the original Spanish Sheep.  Lamb is produced and Wool is sheared and used in Deb’s hand woven blankets and other traditional wool products.

The Moroneys are 30 plus year veterans of cattle ranching in Arizona who are using today’s technology to make the traditional ranching techniques of the late 19th and early 20th century work in a sustainable and healthy way in the modern world.

This 5 -night Roundup, cattle work, and riding experience includes:

  • All lodging at Tombstone Monument Ranch
  • 3 Meals daily with Breakfast and Dinner at Tombstone Monument and a sack lunch on roundup days at 47 Ranch. Otherwise lunch will be at TMR.
  • Transportation between ranches on roundup days.
  • 1 day of riding and cattle work training at Tombstone Monument Ranch
  • 3 days of Roundup and cattle work at the 47 Ranch

A brief schedule for the roundups
Sat Sept 28th – Arrival
Sun Sept 29th – Riding and Cattle work training at Tombstone Monument Ranch
Mon Sept 30th – Roundup at 47 Ranch
Tues Oct 1st – Roundup at 47 Ranch
Wed Oct 2nd – Roundup at 47 Ranch
Thurs Oct 3rd – Departure

Some regular trail and arena riding will be done at Tombstone Monument Ranch prior to the roundup for guests to get to know their horse. We will also have a Wrangler training guests how to work cattle prior to the roundup.

A Tombstone Monument Ranch wrangler will be on the Roundup, but riders will be on their own at times and expected to follow the “rules of the ranch” and basic cattle working principles learned at TMR.  The 47 Ranch Cowboys/Cowgirls will be in charge at all times and will guide you throughout.

Comments from previous roundup:
“a wonderful and fulfilling week”, “terrific learning opportunity” “all participants had a great time”
“I really enjoyed the opportunity of riding independently”

Per Person Single Occupancy $1800
Per Person Double Occupancy $1550
Rates include airport transfer (Tucson Airport)
Not included are 15% service charge and 6.1% tax

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