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Herman and Mary Trappman founded the ranch in 1880, 3 years after silver was found in the area by Ed Schieffelin.  Ed narrowly escaped the Apaches by hiding in the rocks very near the entrance to the ranch and requested in his will to be buried there under a Prospector’s Monument.  The Schieffelin Monument can be seen from nearly any place on the ranch headquarters.  Today as you enter the Trappman Saloon you can look down into the original 1880 root cellar and escape tunnel there in case of attack from the Apaches.

The Trappmans began raising on their ranch and their decendents, the Escapules continued for 3 generations until the ranch was sold in the 1990s.  Today, “America’s first cattle”, Criollo are being raised here.  Originally brought to America in 1493 on Columbus’ second voyage, these cattle are still 100% genetically Spanish cattle known for their predator and disease resistance, natural calf birth rate, and ability to forage in the desert.  Of course, the most important difference is the beef’s great taste and unique ranch to table tenderness.

Ranch guests have the opportunity to join in our working cattle ranch activities.

In 2009 a man with a vision bought the ranch and found that most of the original buildings had deteriorated to a point they could not be restored.  Instead he took them down and repurposed the materials to build an Old West town designed dude ranch on the same site that was so well chosen 140 years before.

Watervale (now a ghost town), the original town in the area is a short walk from the ranch.  It was located there as it was the site of the only reliable year-round water.

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