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Walk where they walked, ride where they rode.

The dramatic landscape surrounding the ranch was and in many ways still is the real wild west and our rides take you there. Ride by ancient Indian Petroglyphs, abandoned Railroad grades and trestles, forgotten mines and old prospector’s monuments.

Ridng-is-an-Adventure-SignWhether you are an experienced rider or a complete beginner we have rides for everyone. Our herd includes horses for different levels of rider and we try hard to match guests to a horse that will make their vacation special.

Children must be 5 years old to ride a horse and 8 to ride fast or on the “experienced rider” trails.

We offer:

Slow rides: (For all levels of rider walking only). Exploring the Tombstone Hills, the rides are scenic and cover a variety of terrains including sandy desert washes lined by Cottonwood and Arizona Walnut trees, abandoned railroad grade, old jeep trails and hills once mined for silver. Take in spectacular views of surrounding mountain ranges, Tombstone town and of the land where Apaches, cowboys and prospectors once rode.

Fast Rides: For a more challenging riding adventure. Walking, trotting and loping through the high desert terrain and a chance to really ride your horse.

To add some fun to your vacation, we offer a very popular selection of specialty rides:

Trail to the 1880s: Our Wranglers take you back in time to visit local history. Petroglyphs, hand dug wells, mine shafts, rock cabin ruins, abandoned railroad trestles, ghost towns and the hidden valley are just some of the places to ride through.

Ride to Tombstone: Ride to town just like Wyatt Earp and the gunslingers of the past, through old ranches and along washes. Step off your horse and head to Allen Street and the center of Tombstone for an opportunity to look around the town, take in the sights, do a little Western shopping or have a beer at Big Nose Kate’s. Mount up and ride back to the ranch down Schieffelin Monument road.

Beer and Cheetos ride: Take a scenic ride to the ruins of an old miner’s cabin, then wash away the dust with a cold refreshing beer, taste some empty calorie snack foods and share stories with good company, in the Arizona desert.

Tequila Taster: Raise a red solo shot cup to your favorite western hero all while sitting on your horse enjoying a great view of the San Pedro Valley

Half Day ride:  This ride takes guests on an adventure in the Tombstone Hills. With breathtaking views of the Huachuca Mountains and many prospectors monuments and abandoned mines to spot, this ride is varied, beautiful and challenging.

Cattle Work:  Try your hand at moving cattle!

Obstacle Course:  You and your horse work together to perform different activities, crossing a bridge, going over logs, opening and closing a gate, and even getting the mail.

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