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Getaway Today Package

Travel Package available through February 15, 2021

Travel Package available including Lodging and Breakfast each morning of your stay Plus one ranch activity per person per night booked.  Activities include Horseback Riding, Archery, and UTV Tours.  Rates starting at $169 per night. Based on double occupancy. Subject to tax. Rates vary depending on selected dates and room type.

Full Guest Ranch Package

Includes lodging, 3 meals daily, all Horseback Riding (except lessons), Archery, kid’s shooting (BB guns), soft drinks at the bar, bar snacks, Evening Entertainment, and Shuttle to Tombstone.

Working Ranch Package

This Cowboy Experience will include checking and moving cattle, riding and fixing fence, checking wells, cattle ponds and the dam.  Ranch work will last 2 ½ to 6 hours daily and the activities will be set by ranch schedule and need.  The regular Guest Ranch riding schedule is available for any open time.

7 night Working Ranch Roundup Experience includes:
-Gathering cattle
-Driving cattle to ranch headquarters
-Branding, Ear Tagging, and Banding calves
-Driving cattle back to ranch pasture/water area
-Cattle work instruction
-Accommodations and all meals
-Trail riding if there is spare time

What you Should Know Before Joining Us:

-You will be riding independently.  Wranglers will be out with the group, but there will be times you are on your own, out of sight of the wranglers.

-We like to think we are the cattle’s boss, but they do set the schedule.  How quickly we gather the herd will depend on kind of country they are in, how widely they are dispersed, how far from headquarters they are, and how many renegades escape and have to be brought back to the herd.  Though not big by some standards, the ranch takes up about 15 square miles.

-The ranch country is diverse with wide, dry riverbeds, boulder strewn valleys, slot canyons, steep rock covered hills, dense thickets of thorn covered trees and brush, sudden drop-offs and open flats toward the San Pedro River.

-You should be comfortably able to mount and dismount without assistance, as you likely will have to along the way.

-You should be comfortable riding independently in diverse riding country and make forward thinking plans when choosing routes through rough country.

-This is not a “fast ride”.  Moving and working cattle is always done as slowly as possible.  Speed will only be employed when necessary and hopefully not at all.

-Once the cattle are gathered and at working corrals, you won’t be asked to do anything you aren’t comfortable doing (branding etc.).  If you want to try something please ask.  We won’t let you do anything we don’t think you are prepared for yet.

-the 7 nights of your stay include a cushion of 1-2 days, as there is no way to predict exactly how quickly the all the aspects of the roundup will be completed.  If there ends up being an extra day or two, you will have the regular dude ranch schedule to enjoy.

You Will Need:
-Boots with a heel
-Thick long-sleeved shirts
-Chaps or Chinks (If you don’t have these, the ranch will provide them, but please let us know in advance)
-Gloves (advised)

The Ranch:
The Trappman Ranch (also called Three Brothers for some of the mountains within its boundaries) was founded in 1880, the beginning of the “Golden Era” of cattle ranching in Arizona and the West.  Though Geronimo was still 6 years from his 3rd and final surrender, Indian trouble had diminished and soldiers had returned to the West after the Civil War.  The explosion of cattle ranching is best shown by the 1870 census count of 5132 cattle in all of Arizona growing to 700,000 in 1885.

The Cattle (Criollo):
America’s First Cattle came to the United States in 1493 with Christopher Columbus on his second voyage.  A group of these Spanish Cattle remained isolated in the Copper Canyon area of Mexico, where the Tarahumara Indians used them as oxen, for meat and milk.  Modern genetic testing has proven this herd has remained pure Spanish Cattle.  All breeds with Spanish origins (Texas Longhorns, Corrientes, etc.) share the desirable characteristics of disease and predator resistance, ability to thrive on desert forage, and natural and easy birthing.  Criollo have the additional trait of being tender and tasty directly off the ranch with no feed lots or hormones and anti-biotics needed, making them truly ranch to table ready.

Per Person Double Occupancy – $2082
Single – $2278

All rates are subject to 15% service charge and 7.015% tax
Rates for non-participants in the Roundup in the same room are available.

Southeastern Arizona is world renowned for birding and our location provides easy access to many wonderful viewing areas such as the Ramsey Canyon Preserve where there are 15 species of hummingbirds to discover, White Water Draw State Wildlife area known for the spectacular Sand Hill Cranes, and the San Pedro Riparian area.

Package includes:

Lodging in one of our 17 historically inspired rooms.

Breakfast in the dining room or at the Chuckwagon (3 days per week, weather permitting) Lunch, either at the Ranch or a sack lunch to take on your birding adventures, plus a three course, home cooked dinner.

Use of Ranch amenities: Swimming pool, Hot-Tub, Bar, Lounge, Game Zone.

Evening entertainment.

Available for an extra charge: Horseback Riding, Instructed Shooting, Instructed Archery, UTV adventure Tours.

For more information on birding in Cochise County, please visit

Birding Package
Package includes room and 3 meals per day.
May 16-Sept. 30, 2020
Mid Season
Apr 1-May 15, 2020
Oct 1-Dec 16, 2020
In season
Feb. 15-March 31, 2020
Dec. 17-Dec. 31, 2020
Standard Single $149 $169 $189
Standard Double $189 $209 $229
Deluxe Single $169 $189 $209
Deluxe Double $209 $229 $249
Junior Single $169 $189 $209
Junior Double $209 $229 $249
Premium Single $199 $219 $239
Premium Double $239 $259 $279
3rd and 4th person, same room, existing beds $75. per person, per night
7.015% tax and 15% service charge not included

This package is ideal for those of who just want to kick back and relax. Package includes room, three meals per day, full use of Ranch amenities. Evening entertainment also included.

Other Ranch Activities:

  • Horseback riding
  • Shooting
  • UTV Ride
  • Archery
  • Ranch Shuttle to Tombstone

(available at additional charge)

Relax, Eat and Sleep Package
Package includes room and 3 meals per day.
May 16-Sept. 30, 2020
Mid Season
Oct 1-Dec 16, 2020
Jan 1-Feb 14, 2020
In season
Feb. 15-May 15, 2020
Dec. 17-Dec. 31, 2020
Standard Single $149 $169 $189
Standard Double $189 $209 $229
Deluxe Single $169 $189 $209
Deluxe Double $209 $229 $249
Junior Single $169 $189 $209
Junior Double $209 $229 $249
Premium Single $199 $219 $239
Premium Double $239 $259 $279
3rd and 4th person, same room, existing beds $75. per person, per night
7.015% tax and 15% service charge not included

Getaway Today Button

(available Mid May through September)

In an ever growing, more distant world bring your family back together at Tombstone Monument Ranch.  Share in the experience of the great outdoors and history of the wild west, make memories that last a lifetime whether it is on one of our exciting activities or over a home cooked meal.

We offer:
A location which works for flexible and tranquil downtime
Spacious rooms
Private dining room for family meals and togetherness
A lounge for relaxing or family games
Guided horseback riding for all age 5 or above
Swimming pool and hot tub
BB Gun shooting for the kids
Evening entertainment

Extra activities:  Shooting 1880 guns, riding lessons, UTV rides, and saloon. (additional fee applies)
10% discount for Grandparents (minimum 5 nights stay)
Kids stay free when sharing room with parents (2 beds per room)



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