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This Cowboy Experience will include checking and moving cattle, riding and fixing fence, checking wells, cattle ponds and the dam. Ranch work will last 2 ½ to 6 hours daily and the activities will be set by ranch schedule and need. The Working Ranch Package is available weekdays, Monday through Friday. The regular Guest Ranch riding schedule is available for weekends and any other open time. The Working Ranch Package is available to riders 12 years and older.

Ranch work is done on our nearly 15 square mile historic cattle ranch.  Ride the Tombstone Hills, Walnut Gulch, the canyons and valleys as they have here since 1880.  Every new rise has a view of 5 different mountain ranges.  The abandoned old Fairbank/Tombstone railroad grade that extends the length of the ranch is another great way to get some elevation to scout for missing cattle.

This is an authentic working cattle ranch where we raise America’s First Cattle, Criollo, first brought to the New World by Chistopher Columbus on his second voyage in 1493.  These are the original Spanish cattle that the famous Texas Longhorns descend from.  They are known for being disease and predator resistant, naturally healthy, and adapted to desert conditions and forage.  Criollo are famed for their unique ranch to table tenderness.

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